[Intro] Good job First [Chorus: Post Malone] Got your ho with me I pull her slowly Saint Laurent upon my feet All this jewelry, they gon’ notice me And you […]

[Hook] Don’t you turn back to me I made the lane you walk today I just want your loyalty Don’t let this be one more mistake Inside plotting on me […]

[Intro: Rich The Kid] La Música de Harry Fraud You know how the fuck we comin’, nigga Broke-ass nigga Broke-ass, bitch-ass boy [Verse 1: Rich The Kid] I might put […]

[Verse 1] Yeah, niggas better lay low, I swear this ain’t no game bro Asking for blessings won’t prevent you from being preyed on See I ain’t underground or commercial, […]

I’m not a fortune teller I won’t be bringing news Of what tomorrow brings I’ll leave that up to you I’m not a fortune teller Don’t have crystal ball I […]

[Intro] (Cryin’, cryin’, cryin’) Ye what’s up (Ye, what’s up) Road to America baby [?] make a dream Ye, ye, ye, ye Let’s go [Chorus: Jeezy] I just want a […]

[Verse 1] There’s something stirring Something crackling like the firewood A certain spirit that has lightened up the neighborhood I think it’s time for the timeless time of the year […]

[Chorus] Pull up in a phantom when it’s dark outside Pull up at the party when it’s dark outside All of these people they down to ride Look at my […]