New York

[Intro] We short a coupla mil I go on the street for it Make a coupla moves A mil here and there, no? Ok? Time is gold, we gotta expand […]

[Verse 1] Bitch you know what the fuck this is (Swag) Based doubled out with the pussy on top Ask my cousin if I spank them bitches Know if she […]

[Verse 1] Push, push, dance for the city life Smoke, smoke, baby, like a motor bike Take your trash to my junkyard site Been in your skies, I will fly […]

[Verse 1: Papoose] I woke up in the morning with my dick in my hand Morning wood God damn Then I brush my teeth I take a shower, then I […]

[Hook] Geekin’ off this bitch ’cause I’m on 3 pills, yeah Bitch don’t call my phone, you hit my email, yeah Flexin’ so damn hard like I got 3 deals, […]

[Hook] [Naledge] Paper trail stay fallin’ from the sky Get away in that cherry bubble I Pop the cork, say just raise your glass high Spark the doobie, we about […]

Yaaaaooowaaaa!! [Joell] I’m hearin’ New York back [FTG] Yea, they say New York back? [Joell] Ya I’m hearin’ that talk [FTG] Ight Joell talk dat [Joell] Black Polo tee 40 […]

[Hook] Some people like to drink Some people like to smoke Some people overthink Some people overdose I’m just trying to get the nicest Bottles on ice Pull some all […]

[Intro] Oh, oh [Verse 1] You heard the news, sweet child I slaughtered all them swans I left it burnin’ Gone to New York There will be no more violence […]