Kodak Black

[Intro] I guess you and I different than them after all Booted up, Molly jolly, no Adderall I got tired of eatin’ PB&J, noodle casserole All my niggas behind the […]

Below are the complete “Codeine Dreaming” lyrics by Kodak Black displayed. These lyrics were added November 27, 2017. This track is charting as #58 in the latest Billboard charts. Codeine […]

[Intro] Can I, baby? Can I, baby? Can I, baby? Can I, baby? [Verse 1] I hope you ain’t nothing like my old friends Or any other women that I […]

Lyrics to ‘Dream Doll’ by Kodak Black: Stay Tune Lyrics Will Be Update Soon!!!

Lyrics to ‘Boost My Ego’ by Kodak Black: –Intro: Future– It’s that project baby [?] fit in, you know what I mean They ‘gon try take your bands and this […]

DJ KHALEDPull A Caper Lyrics [DJ Khaled (Kodak Black):] We The Best Music! Another one DJ Khaled! (Glee!) [Kodak Black:] I’ma go get that Wraith Jumping out with your bae, […]