[Verse 1] Baby I, I got something to say t-t-tonight What you got to say? Every time I try to find the words Don’t come out right And I can’t […]

The song i would sing is not about the war Not about the drugs, and not about the star The story i would tell you its about a style of […]

[Verse 1: Remy Ma] If Peter Piper picked ’em, I bet you Remy ducked ’em I told you not to touch ’em, it’s not up for discussion! All my clothes […]

Uh You see that big ass chain (mm mm mm) Big old ring (mm mm mm) Bitch with the big old ass (mm mm mm) Go and get that cash […]

I looked in the mirror (What did you see looking at you?) I saw a nine stone weakling (What will you do?) Dynamic tension waiting for you? Dynamic tension make […]

Even the old folks never knew Why they call it like they do I was wondering since the age of two Down on Copperline Copper head, copper beech Copper kettles […]

JAMIE FOXXSpeak French Lyrics Oohh baby I like kissin you Oohh baby I like kissin (Chorus) 2x I dont speak french but I’ll tongue you down (down) Tongue you down […]

ASAP ROCKYHear Me Lyrics [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] First of all, I would like to start by saying I’m the motherf**king man, just thought I’d let you niggas know, hear […]

JUSTIN BIEBERMaserati Lyrics (Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber) Ah What’s up Jaden? I’m feeling nice right now I’m feeling good to bro I’m feeling really nice right now Swag Swaggy […]

Paroles Siboy – Telephone Masta ne touche pas mon telephone, plein de secrets dans mon téléphone Numéros d’putes dans le telephone T’as gros boulard, on te sélectionne On te sélectionne, […]

AVIAS SEAYMan Bag Lyrics verse1: i got my man bag fina head out in the town whereever i decide to party guranteed to shut it down im so hot from […]

There’s a Spanish disco in a town not far from France Known throughout the continent where people love to dance There’s a dark-skinned lady there Whose legs have brought her […]