One mo (whoo) Talk that talk nigga [Hook] Figured you’d be proud of me Man I came from the mud and they label me a thug, and I’m still winnin’ […]

featuring Johnny Drama Can you hold me down for a minute? I should come around more, now I get it I know I’ve been down, but I’m winning Watch me […]

[Intro: T-Rell] T-Rell You don’t know what I done been through Yeah You don’t know what I done been through, look [Chorus: T-Rell] Fuck your opinion, you don’t know what […]

[Intro] Whoa-ah-ah-ah-oh [Verse 1] Goin’ out on the weekend Gettin’ dressed with my girls Put on my favorite lip gloss Cherry Garcia swirl Perfume, pleasure, and platforms Livin’ that kind […]

[Chorus – Kid Rock] Engine, engine number 9 On that Mason-Dixon line Chasing whiskey, sipping shine Gripping nickel plated nines So you get yours and I’ll get mine You get […]